Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2020 

Research/Original Article

Left-Sided Diverticulosis is a Risk Factor for Distal Colon Polyps

Pages 1-8


Shashank Sarvepalli; Pooja Lal; Afrin Kamal; Ari Garber; John McMichael; Gareth Morris-Stiff; John Vargo; Micheal Rothberg; Maged Rizk; Carol Burke

Case Report

Colonoscopy-Assisted Resolving of Intussusception in Children, a Report of 15 Cases

Pages 33-36


Iraj Shahramian; Behnoush Behi; Mehrdad Salahifar; Ali Mirabbasi

Pearls in the appendix (Myxoglobulosis) : a case report

Pages 37-39


Vidyachandra V Gandhi; Neeraj Rayate; Satish Pattanshetti; Pratik Gautam

Letter to the Editor

Platelet-Rich Plasma in Sphincteroplasty

Pages 40-40


Mohammad Rezazadehkermani