An Interesting Case of a Rare, Isolated, Non-communicating Enteric Duplication Cyst

Document Type : Case Report


Department of General Surgery, Maya Institute of Medical Sciences(MIMS), Barabanki, India.


Introduction: A very uncommon type of gastrointestinal duplication known as a completely isolated duplication cyst lacks communication with the rest of the normal intestine segment and has its own blood supply. Here, we present a case of an adult male with an ileal duplication cyst that is non-communicating.
Case Presentation: A 40-year-old male was admitted to our hospital with a chief complaint of lower abdominal pain and distension, and a palpable mass which had been more evident within last month. On physical examination, there was tenderness and a semi mobile mass in the right lower abdomen. In abdominal contrast-enhanced computed tomography: A large cystic mass lesion measuring approximately 22.9×13.4 cm with average (HU=18) with multiple enhancing septae in right side of abdomen. The patient was monitored after the procedure and showed no signs of any postoperative problems.
Conclusions: When determining a differential diagnosis for abdominal cystic lesions, replication cysts should be taken into account. As shown in our example, resection of completely isolated duplication cysts can be safely performed without the need for intestinal resection.


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