Pilonidal Disease Treatment with Pit Excision and Silver Nitrate (A Retrospective Study)

Document Type : Research/Original Article


Inonu University, General Surgery Department, Malatya, Turkey


Minimally invasive treatment approaches for pilonidal disease have been described as controlled tissue damage of the sinus cavity via chemical agents or lasers. Although silver is a widely used chemical for healing wounds, there are limited studies about pilonidal disease management. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of silver nitrate on pilonidal disease.
Patients and Methods
Patients who were diagnosed with pilonidal disease were treated with silver nitrate application. Silver nitrate was applied in the sinus tract following the excision of the sinus orifice with a small incision and debridement of the sinus cavity. Silver nitrate sticks were used to obtain controlled damage in the tissue of the sinus cavity for three sessions on the 0, 1st, and 7th days.
Forty-two patients with pilonidal disease were included in this study, and silver nitrate treatment was applied in our institute. The median age of the patients was 24 (16-56), and all of the treatment procedures were applied in the operating room. Thirthy-one of the patients (78.6%) was accepted as treated at the end of the 12-month follow-up duration.
Silver nitrate treatment is a simple, safe, and inexpensive minimally invasive treatment technique for pilonidal disease. This treatment can be an alternative treatment choice to other minimally invasive techniques. It is easy to perform in outpatient clinics, and the results of this study might be promising.



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