An Unusual Cause of Obstruction of the Appendiceal Lumen:Acute appendicitis due to trichobezoar: a rare case report

Document Type: Case Report


Department of pathology, Shiraz university of medical science, Shiraz, Iran


case report
Acute appendicitis is usually developing due obstruction of appendix and is one of the most common emergency surgical cases. Many factors are involved in the etiology like fecalith, stricture, foreign body, worm infestation and neoplasm [1]. Among causes of acute appendicitis foreign body is more frequent in children compared to adults. Various types of foreign bodies may obstruct the appendix lumen and cause acute appendicitis but most of foreign bodies generally do not cause any complication and pass spontaneously [2].
Trichobezoar is made of hair which become hard, like a mass and usually found in stomach.