Laparoscopic Appendectomy in Complicated Appendicitis of Children


1 Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University Clinical Center, University of Tuzla, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2 Princess Royal University Hospital, Orpington, UK


Introduction Foreign materials typically produce a reaction by multinucleated giant cells. Foreign bodies (such as vegetable cells in food material) in the omentum have not been reported to produce an omental mass. Vegetable cells surrounded by foreign body giant cells called vegetable granuloma/pulse granuloma by the previous literature are a peculiar type of granuloma caused by vegetable plant cells. Case Presentation Here in we present our experience with an old age lady who was operated with the impression of gastric mass. During the surgery no gastric mass was found but several omental masses were detected. Pathological study of the resected masses showed only vegetable cells in the omentum surrounded by an extensive foreign body giant cell granulomatous reaction, some of which were hyalinized. To the best of our knowledge such situation has not been reported in the English literature thus far. Conclusions In a patient with several omental granuloma, both in surgery and pathological examination, foreign body granuloma should be considered as a possible differential diagnosis.